CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x Release 43 Documentation

An Html version of the SU Users Manual Tutorial

Documentation is provided in several forms for user convenience. These forms include PostScript and PDF, 300 and 600 dots per inch, and for papersizes A4 and US Letter.

documentation_43_letter_tar.gz --- Papersize US Letter, gzipped

documentation_43_a4_tar.gz --- Papersize A4, gzipped

PostScript versions of the manual

sumanual_600dpi_letter.eps --- Papersize US Letter, 600dpi PostScript

PDF versions of the manual

sumanual_600dpi_a4.pdf --- Papersize A4, 600dpi PDF

sumanual_600dpi_letter.pdf --- Papersize US Letter, 600dpi PDF

selfdocs_600dpi_a4.pdf --- Papersize A4, 600dpi PDF

selfdocs_600dpi_letter.pdf --- Papersize US Letter, 600dpi PDF

To install the package, you will need to be on a machine running some form of the Unix operating system, which includes all of the workstation operating systems that begin in U or end in X, Linux, Free BSD Unix, Mac OS X, as well as the Cygwin 32 Windows environment. You will also need an ANSI C compiler, which is pretty common these days.

Note that tar files are compressed with the Gnu compression program gzip (.gz file extension).