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CWP Faculty

CWP faculty members have a broad range of research interests and thrive on solving problems of a practical interest to the exploration industry. Click here to view short courses and workshops offered by CWP faculty.


Dave Hale, CWP Director

Dave Hale


Computational seismology, image processing, subsurface modeling, fluid flow

Paul Sava

Paul Sava

Associate Professor, CWP Director Wavefield seismic imaging and
tomography, high performance computing

Roel Snieder, Professor

Roel Snieder Professor

Wave propagation, seismic interferometry, time-lapse monitoring, education, energy

Ilya Tsvankin, Professor

Ilya Tsvankin

Professor Seismic wave propagation, seismic anisotropy, multicomponent seismology, fracture characterization
Norm Bleistein, CWP University Emeritus Professor Norm Bleistein Professor Emeritus Modeling and
inversion for acoustic,
elastic and EM waves,
asymptotic analysis
Ken Larner, CSM University Emeritus Professor Ken Larner Professor Emeritus Seismic methodology,
data processing





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