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Allison Knaak's PhD thesis ("3D synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics") now available.....Chinaemerem Kanu's PhD thesis ("Time-lapse monitoring of localized changes within heterogeneous media with scattered waves") now available.....Roel Snieder returns from his Art of Science tour to the Middle East.....Dr. Nori Nakata visits CWP.....Oscar Jarillo Michel successfully defends his MS thesis.....Filippo Broggini honored at 2014 Gustavo Sclocchi Awards ceremony.....Duan and Sava's paper ranked in Top 30 at 2014 SEG Annual Meeting.....

2015 CWP Project Review Meeting
May 11-13, 2015 in Golden, Colorado


CWP Friends & Visitors

  • Nori Nakata, Stanford University
  • Chen Tang, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Colin Thomson, Schlumberger Cambridge & London, UK
  • Hamish Macintyre, BG Group
  • Vladimir Kazei, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Martin Landrø, Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet
  • China National Offshore Oil Corp. representatives
  • Guillaume Caumon, Université de Lorraine
  • Chris Liner, University of Arkansas
  • Thomas Planès, IS Terre
  • Sjoerd de Ridder, Stanford University
  • Paul Fowler, Schlumberger/WesternGeco
  • CGG Representatives
  • Paul Fowler, Schlumberger/WesternGeco
  • Heloise Lynn, Lynn, Inc.
  • Andreas Rüger, Halliburton/Landmark
  • Bruce VerWest
  • Uwe Albertin, Chevron Energy Technology, Co.
  • Morgan Brown, Wave Imaging Technology, Inc.
  • Joe Stefani, Chevron Energy Technology Co.
  • Christof Stork, Halliburton/Landmark Graphics
  • Maoshan Chen, BGP Inc.
  • Tariq Alkhalifah, KAUST
  • Ernst Niederleithinger, BAM
  • Nikhil Shah & Yanghua Wang, Imperial College, London
  • Gerhard Pratt, University of Western Ontario
  • Huub Douma, ION Geophysical
  • Nicola Bienati & Jacopo Panizzardi, Eni S.p.A.
  • Joost van der Neut, Delft University of Technology
  • Jim Gaiser, CGG
  • Ehsan Naeini, Ikon Science
  • Michael Slawinski, Memorial University
  • Gerardo Ronquillo & Alfonso González, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
  • Pablo David García López, University of Oviedo
  • Brad Artman & Ben Witten, Spectraseis
  • Jon Sheiman, Looking Glass Geophysics
  • Ernst Niederleithinger, BAM
  • and more...
  • The Center for Wave Phenomena (CWP) is an interdisciplinary research and graduate education program, dedicated to the study of wave propagation in complex media, imaging and inversion. The program primarily focuses on seismic modeling, imaging and inversion methods, as well as improving the accuracy and efficiency of seismic processing algorithms, especially for application to regions of structural complexity.

    CWP enjoys its close relationships with leading industry organizations, government agencies and academia in both domestic and international settings. CWP research projects are made possible through the close collaboration between the Center and Consortium sponsors. Our research reflects the talents of our faculty and graduate students, as well as the interests of our sponsors.

    We are associated with the Department of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines, a public research university dedicated to engineering and applied sciences in Golden, Colorado.






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    academically current research relevant to our sponsors
    • excellence in all aspects of research
    • talentedgraduate students and visitorsfrom around the world
    • diversity of research directions and cultural backgrounds
    • growth, creativity and independence through a nurturing and caring atmosphere


    CWP-groupCWP is an international group with a large range of study and research interests, whose backgrounds are primarily in earth sciences, applied mathematics, computer science and physics.

    CWP faculty have a broad range of research interests and thrive on solving problems of practical interest to the exploration industry. Over the years, our research directions have expanded to reflect the talents of our faculty and students, as well as to meet the needs and interests of our consortium sponsors.

    CWP students are recruited for employment by industry, government or academia following the completion of their research at the Colorado School of Mines. Visitors, including but not limited to, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists and scholars, from organizations that share similar study and research interests are housed at the CWP while they conduct their research at the Colorado School of Mines.

    CWP research/administrative staff oversee the day-to-day operation of the Center. They also maintain software such as Seismic Unix, create CWP publications, assist students with their writing skills and manage special events such as the annual Project Review meeting.

    CWP is strongly committed to quality graduate education in geophysics. CWP students form an international group with a wide range of study and research interests. CWP graduates are recruited for employment by industry, government and academia following the completion of their degrees from CSM.


    CWP is partially supported by the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures. CWP gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our sponsors. Visit our Sponsors page for more information and to view our current Consortium sponsor companies.