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CWP Visiting Scientist
Country: Germany
E-mail: eniederl@mines.edu


Ernst received his Bachelor's degree in Geophysics in 1990 from the Technical University of Berlin and in 2010, his doctorate from the University of Potsdam, Germany. Currently, he is a senior scientist and deputy division leader at BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) in Berlin, Germany. He previously worked in environmental and engineering geophysics with a geophysical contractor. Ernst will be a visiting scholar at the Colorado School of Mines from January to March 2013 and again from September to November 2013. He will work with Prof. Roel Snieder in the Department of Geophysics and with Prof. Mike Mooney in the Department of Engineering.


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Ernst's research interests are focused on the application of geophysical techniques in geotechnical and civil engineering issues. He worked on spectral induced polarisation and investigation of river embankments; while specializing in the development and optimization of quality assurance techniques for foundations (mainly sonic and ultrasonic). One of his main interests is the application of seismic interferometric techniques in inspection and monitoring of concrete constructions.

1: Concrete specimen with embedded ultrasonic sensors in climate chamber (Niederleithinger & Wunderlich, 2012)


2: Ultrasonic velocity change due temperature influence, evaluated by coda wave interferometry (Niederleithinger & Wunderlich, 2012)

3: Synthetic model for ultrasonic imaging (Müller et al., 2012)

4: Result of reverse time migration of synthetic ultrasonic data (Müller et al., 2012)


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