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Gerhard Pratt

Gerhard PRATT

CWP Visiting Scholar
E-mail: gpratt2@uwo.ca


Gerhard Pratt received his PhD in 1989 from the Imperial College at the University of London. He worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto from 1990-92, following which he was the Elf-Acquitaine Lecturer in Geophysics at Imperial College from 1992-98. He was then appointed as a Professor at Queen's University, in Kingston Ontario, where he stayed until 2008, when he accepted the position of Geophysics Professor and Department Chair the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Pratt is currently on sabbatical from the University of Western Ontario and he will conduct research as a CWP visiting scholar from August to the end of 2013.


Clearing Method


Dr. Pratt researches advanced methods for extracting high resolution, quantitative, spatial images from seismic waveform data. Together with his students, he seeks advances in fundamental theoretical, numerical, and computational aspects of geophysical waveform inversion. The objective is the development of a suite of high-resolution methodologies for use in geological and commercial projects, through the pursuit of the following two complementary paths:

  1. Numerical and computational methods in modelling wave propagation.
  2. Theoretical and computational methods for posing and solving the inverse problem.

His advances in the numerical and theoretical computational fields have been leveraged to enable applied research in a wide range of interesting, challenging, and in many cases commercially important problems. Examples include the imaging of subduction zones with a view to understanding the nature of major earthquakes and tsunamis, imaging of economic mineralization zones in Canada, petroleum exploration using both land and marine exploration data in Canada and internationally, and seismic imaging for near-surface geotechnical and geoenvironmental problems.


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