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Jyoti Behura

Hongxun PAN

CWP Post-doctoral fellow
Country: China
E-mail: hpan@mines.edu


Hongxun received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Survey and his Master of Science degree in Structural Geology (2000) from Jilin University, China. His thesis was on the structural characteristics and evolution of the Altun fault zone. During his graduate work, he did some geological research in Tibet and on the QiLian Mountain orogenic belt.

Hongxun has worked as a geophysical engineer for eleven years at China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC), where he has participated in projects related to relative refraction static, MPI parallel computation, velocity analysis, migration velocity model building, etc. Currently, he is focusing on research in migration velocity analysis and model building and pre-stack time/depth migration imaging application in complex areas. For six months in 2011-2012, he is a visiting scholar at CWP, working with Profs. Roel Snieder and Paul Sava on migration velocity model building.

Hongxun's interests include table tennis, basketball, travel, music, reading, running and climbing.


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