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Shingo Sean ISHIDA

CWP Communications



Shingo manages all aspects of CWP's communications programs and outreach initiatives. He oversees the CWP website and he launched CWP's YouTube channel. He manages a wide portfolio of programs and projects for the Center.

Shingo joined CWP in 2011, and before that, he managed communications and professional development/training programs at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Outside of work, Shingo enjoys QT with his wife Catherine and his son Kento, playing softball in the Colorado State Employee Softball League, riding his motorbike, lighting up his BBQ grill, binge-watching on Netflix (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), as well as most outdoor activities except skyaking. He supports the Colorado Rockies despite their atrocious record over the past several seasons and the simply ludicrous prices of their ballpark hot dogs. Although he has never attended a Denver Broncos match in person, he jumped on the bandwagon to support them when they made it to, and subsequently got destroyed at, the 2014 Super Bowl.

Shingo - hailing from Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia - recently celebrated another anniversary as a State of Colorado employee with a cup of really dark coffee. He lives somewhere in Denver's vast suburbia, and he likes dogs, but he can't get himself to own one.




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