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Country: USA
Degree Program: PhD, Geophysics
E-mail: jajennin@mines.edu

Jason graduated with honors from Boise State University in Spring 2012, earning his Bachelor of Science in Geophysics along with a Physics Minor. During Jason's undergraduate career, his research included modeling snow density in order to aid avalanche forecasting as well as processing shallow marine seismic data near Prince William Sound, Alaska. Since then, his main interest has become imaging using interferometry, especially in the microseismic setting. Jason is happy to have Paul Sava as his advisor.



Jason is working with Prof. Sava in attempting to image geologic structure using microseismic events. He is doing this using the concept of image-domain interferometry, invented by his colleague Nori Nakata. Jason hopes this method will lead him to both image and conduct velocity analysis on the geologic structure surrounding reservoirs, using only microseismic events and the data collected by receivers in a borehole.




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