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Country: Italy

Degree Program: Ph.D., Geophysics

E-mail: fbroggin@mines.edu


Curriculum Vitae


Filippo received a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2004. He earned a Master of Science degree in 2007 in Applied and Exploration Geophysics from Universiti degli Studi di Milano. During his thesis work, he developed software to calculate synthetic seismograms using the reflectivity method. Filippo joined CWP in August 2008 and is working with Professor Roel Snieder. During the summers of 2010 and 2011, he interned with Schlumberger Cambridge Research in the United Kingdom.

Filippo's biggest interests are music, travel, computer science and sports. He thinks that Afterhours is the greatest band in the world.



Filippo is working together with his advisor Roel Snieder and Kees Wapenaar from Delft University of Technology on a new method for wavefield focusing and wavefield reconstruction inside unknown media. Filippo is also interested in computational methods for acoustic wave propagation and in his spare time, he expands his knowledge about wave propagation theory.

Wavefield focusing and reconstruction

Geophysicists have used seismic interferometry (SI) to create a virtual source inside a medium, assuming a receiver is present at the position of the virtual source. In collaboration with his advisor, Roel Snieder, and professor Kees Wapenaar (TU Delft), Filippo works on an iterative method that creates a virtual source inside a medium from reflection data measured at the surface (after surface-related multiple removal and deconvolution for the source wavelet), without needing a receiver inside the medium and, hence, presenting and advantage over SI.




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