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April 14 visit - Guillaume Caumon, Université de Lorraine

Guillaume Caumon

Prof. Guillaume Caumon,
Université de Lorraine


CWP Director Dave Hale introduces Prof. Guillaume to CWP faculty and students


Prof. Caumon begins his presentation


Johannes Douma successfully defends his MS thesis

On March 28, 2014, Johannes Douma successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Johannes' thesis is titled "Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies." He conducted his research under the guidance of his CWP advisor, Prof. Roel Snieder. Following graduation from Mines, Johannes will begin his employment at Cimarex Energy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Congratulations, Johannes!


Johannes Douma

Johannes Douma,


Johannes begins his thesis defense


Johannes explains the significance of back-propagating signals


Prof. Roel Snieder (right) congratulates Johannes on his successful defense


March 27 visit - Chris Liner, University of Arkansas

Chris Liner

Prof. Chris Liner
Dept. of Geophysics,
University of Arkansas


Prof. Liner confers with CWP Research Associate John Stockwell (left)

Sjoerd presentation

Dr. Liner starts his presentation about research on the Mississippian Outcrop


March 17 visit - Thomas Planès, IS Terre

Thomas Planes

Thomas Planès, PhD
IS Terre


Prof. Dave Hale (left) and Prof. Roel Snieder (right) introduce Dr. Planès

Sjoerd presentation

Dr. Planès illustrates the roles of the source and the receiver in classical imaging

March 6-7 visit - Sjoerd de Ridder, Stanford University

Sjoerd de Ridder

Sjoerd de Ridder, PhD
Stanford University


L-R: Ali Knaak, Prof. Roel Snieder and Dr. de Ridder

Sjoerd presentation

Dr. de Ridder begins his discussion of surface-wave interferometry for reservoir-scale imaging

Loralee Wheeler is a four-time recipient of SEG scholarships

Loralee Wheeler CWP student Loralee Wheeler has received multiple SEG scholarships throughout her time at Colorado School of Mines. SEG assisted Loralee in pursuing her educational goals, when as an incoming freshman, she received the J.E. White Scholarship for her aspiration to study volcanism upon graduation. After a couple of years, Loralee turned her sights toward seismic exploration and was awarded the Anadarko Scholarship and later the Henry Bates Peacock Scholarship, both also offered through SEG. With the help of SEG and the scholarship donors, she has been able to achieve two of her academic goals so far: Loralee received her bachelor of science degree in geophysics in May 2013, and she was admitted into the Master of Science graduate program at CWP in August 2013.


Andrew Muñoz successfully defends his MS thesis

On February 28, 2014, Andrew Muñoz successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Andrew's thesis is titled "Automatic simultaneous multiple-well ties" whose research he conducted under the guidance of Prof. Dave Hale, his CWP advisor. Congratulations, Andrew!



Andrew Muñoz,


Andrew begins his Master's thesis defense


Andrew explains the role of interpolated tied velocies


Andrew responds to a questions about subsurface measurements


Johannes Douma joins SEG Committee on University and Student Programs

Johannes Douma CWP student Johannes Douma was selected by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists to join the SEG Committee on University and Student Programs (CUSP). CUSP's mission is to support students, universities, and industry in developing a global pool of graduate students who are ready to meet society's applied geophysics needs. The Committee consists of an equal representation of students, faculty members, and industry representatives. CUSP also helps to oversee the annual SEG Challenge Bowl competition.

Johannes' selection will allow him to make valuable connections with industry representatives and work closely with them on various projects relating to exploration geophysics. Johannes is a member of the CWP Seismic Team (Steam) and works under the guidance of Prof. Roel Snieder. Congratulations, Johannes!


Esteban Díaz successfully defends his MS thesis

On January 31, 2014, Esteban Díaz successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Esteban's thesis is titled "Kinematic and focusing properties of the so-called RTM artifacts." He conducted his research under his CWP advisor Prof. Paul Sava. This thesis defense also constituted Esteban's first comprehensive examination towards his PhD in geophysics. Congratulations, Toto!



Esteban Díaz,


Esteban begins his thesis defense


Esteban highlights the role of final gathers


Esteban responds to a query from his thesis committee


Consortium sponsors: Opt-in by April 16 for paper copy of 2014 Project Review book

If you are a Consortium sponsor representative and you wish to receive a paper copy of the 2014 Project Review book, please contact Shingo Sean Ishida by Wednesday, April 16, 2014. As in previous years, electronic copies of the Project Review book, individual research reports, and other CWP documents will be provided to all sponsor representatives on USB drives, as well as on a password-protected webpage.


Bazargani and Snieder's paper ranks in top 30 at 2013 SEG Annual Meeting

The paper by CWP student Farhad Bazargani and Prof. Roel Snieder, titled "Optimal wave focusing for imaging and microseismic event location," was ranked in the top 30 papers presented during the 2013 SEG Annual Meeting in Houston. Farhad and Snieder's research was selected out of thousands of submissions to the SEG. Click here to read SEG President Don Steeple's January 16, 2014 letter to Farhad, who presented the paper as a technical presentation. Congratulations and very well done!

Stefan Compton successfully defends his MS thesis

On January 10, 2014, Stefan Compton successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Stefan's thesis is titled "Automatic multicomponent image registration" and he conducted his research under Prof. Dave Hale, his CWP advisor. Following his graduation, Stefan will begin his employment at Transform Software and Services/DrillingInfo in Littleton, Colorado. Congratulations, Stefan!



Stefan Compton,


Stefan begins his thesis defense


Stefan discusses interval Vp/Vs ratios


Stefan responds to Andreas Rüger of Halliburton/Landmark


Jan. 8-9 visit - CGG representatives


Back row (L-R): Radu Mihail (CGG), Eric de Graaff (CGG), Thierry Brizard (CGG), Prof. Terry Young (CSM Dept. of Geophysics), Prof. Mike Mooney (CSM Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Front row (L-R): Prof. Roel Snieder (CWP), Robert Dowle (CGG)


2014 CWP Project Review Meeting on May 12-15, 2014 in Colorado Springs, CO

The 2014 annual meeting of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures will take place on May 12-15, 2013 at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Additional details forthcoming on this website - stay tuned!



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