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Simon Luo successfully defends his PhD thesis

On November 6, 2014, Simon Luo successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Improved methods of reflection seismic data processing for velocity estimation, imaging, and interpretation." He completed his research under the guidance of Prof. Dave Hale, his CWP advisor. Simon will take a few months of rest and travel before he starts his new position in January 2015 with BP America Production Company in Houston, Texas. Congratulations, Simon!


Simon Luo

Simon Luo,

Simon and Trudgill

Simon confers with Prof. Bruce Trudgill

Simon defense

Simon begins his thesis defense

Simon query

Simon responds to a query from his committee


November 3 visit - Colin Thomson, Schlumberger Cambridge & London, UK

Colin Thomson

Colin Thomson,
Schlumberger Cambridge & London, UK


Prof. Dave Hale (standing, left) introduces Dr. Thomson to CWP faculty and students


Dr. Thomson discusses some challenges faced in depth imaging illumination


November 3 visit - Hamish Macintyre, BG Group

Hamish Macintyre

Hamish Macintyre,
Geophysics Technology Manager,
BG Group


CWP student Satyan Singh (left) discusses autofocusing in an invisible medium with Dr. Macintyre


L-R: Singh, Dr. Macintyre, Esteban Díaz Pantin, Oscar Jarillo Michel, Vladimir Li and Yuting Duan


Thank you for joining us: 2014 CWP Semi-Annual Meeting, October 29

The Center for Wave Phenomena thanks all representatives from our Consortium sponsor companies and guests who attended our Semi-Annual Meeting on October 29, 2014. CWP welcomed 200-plus representatives from all over the globe, who browsed the latest CWP research on mini-posters over refreshments. Thank you for your interest with CWP and please contact us if you have any additional questions about any of the research mini-posters displayed during our meeting.




Tong Bai


Nishant Kamath (left)

Christof Group

L-R: Shuki Ronen (Stamford Universityl) and CWP Research Associate John Stockwell


CWP Director Paul Sava (left) addresses meeting attendees



Satyan Singh (left)

Sven Norm Zvi

L-R: Paul Fowler (WesternGeco/Schlumberger) and Simon Luo


Loralee Wheeler


Oscar Jarillo Michel (center)


Paul Moser Patrice Stefan

Esteban Díaz Pantin (center)


Yogesh Arora (right)


Chris Graziano (left)


Chinaemerem Kanu (right)


Ken Jon

L-R: University Professor Emeritus Ken Larner, Jon Sheiman (Looking Glass Geophysics)

Nori Tariq

L-R: Nori Nakata (Stamford University), Tariq Alkhalifah (KAUST)


Vladimir Li (right)


Yuting Duan (center)


Tsvankin and Grechka present SEG short course on seismic anisotropy

Roel SniederCWP faculty Ilya Tsvankin and his longtime collaborator, Vladimir Grechka (Marathon Oil), presented their SEG Continuing Education Course called "Seismic anisotropy: Basic theory and application in exploration an reservoir characterization" during the 2014 SEG annual meeting in Denver, Colorado. Their popular two-day short course is useful for both graduate-level students and geophysicists who work in exploration or reservoir monitoring. Tsvankin and Grechka's course provided background information regarding anisotropic wave propagation, and discussed modeling, inversion, and processing of seismic reflection data in the presence of anisotropy.


Bleistein, Larner, Stockwell, Hale and Vasconcelos receive 2014 SEG awards

On October 26, 2014, University Professors Emeriti Norm Bleistein, Ken Larner, CWP Research Associate John Stockwell, CWP faculty Dave Hale and CWP alumnus Ivan Vasconcelos were recipients of various prestigious SEG awards at the 2014 SEG Awards and Honors Ceremony. Well done and congratulations!



Norm Bleistein receives the SEG Maurice Ewing Medal


Ken Larner (third from left) receives the SEG Special Commendation Award


John Stockwell receives the SEG President's Award



Dave Hale is recognized for being the Fall 2014 SEG/AAPG Distinguished Lecturer


Ivan Vasconcelos receives the J. Clarence Karcher Award



Snieder presents Art of Science course in Oman

Roel SniederRoel Snieder, CWP faculty and Colorado School of Mines W. M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science (at left, in picture), recently presented his popular "The Art of Science" course in Muscat, Oman. He was invited to speak to a group of students and researchers at Qaboos University who aim to gain the skills needed for a successful career in research. Prof. Snieder's course covered a wide variety of topics, including: choosing a research topic/department/advisor; making workplans; research ethics; use of scientific literature; perfecting oral and written communication; publishing papers; writing proposals; effective time management, as well as planning a scientific career and applying for jobs in research and industry.


October 16 visit - Vladimir Kazei, Saint Petersburg State University

Vladimir Kazei

Vladimir Kazei,
Saint Petersburg State University


Vladimir discusses the motivation for his FWI research




Shekar and Tsvankin's papers on attenuation published in Geophysics

BharathIlya Tsvankin CWP alumnus Bharath Shekar, PhD and CWP faculty Ilya Tsvankin contributed two papers to the special section on attenuation in the September-October 2014 issue of Geophysics (v. 79, no. 5).

The papers are titled "Point-source radiation in attenuative anisotropic media" and "Kirchhoff modeling for attenuative anisotropic media using Gaussian beams" and can be viewed/downloaded from the SEG Digital Library website. The former paper was also featured in the September/October 2014 issue of SEG's The Leading Edge.



Roel Snieder headlines lecture series in Germany

Roel SniederRoel Snieder CWP faculty Roel Snieder will provide a series of lectures in Germany to researchers who with to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in research. Prof. Snieder, the W. M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science at the Colorado School of Mines, will begin his lecture series (click on poster at right) in early November and continue through mid-December. Snieder is scheduled to speak at Albert Einstein Science Park, Humboldt University, University of Potsdam, Technical University of Berlin and Free University of Berlin. Prof. Snieder is the 2014 recipient of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award and is currently working on a research project with former CWP visiting scholar Ernst Niederleithinger in Berlin, as well as with Christoph Sens-Schönfelder at the German Research Centre for Geosciences.



Paul Sava co-leads EAGE forum to better prepare future geoscientists

Paul Sava During the 2014 EAGE annual meeting in Amsterdam, CWP Director Paul Sava convened a workshop with Michael Poppelreiter (Shell) and Olivier Dubrule (Total) that addressed whether or not current geoscience students are acquiring the right skills to prepare them for their careers. Prof. Sava, who is currently serving his second term as EAGE Education Officer, introduced discussion topics to workshop participants from 15 countries, representing 19 universities and 12 energy companies. Forum participants agreed that 4D subsurface architecture is paramount for geologists, as well as the varied skillsets required by geoscientists in their daily work given the advance of digital interpretation systems over the past three decades. The workshop successfully concluded with participants making several key recommendations to the EAGE in order to improve the education of geoscientists aiming for a career in the industry.


Ilya Tsvankin teaches extended seismic anisotropy course at Saudi Aramco

Ilya TsvankinIlyaAramco CWP faculty Ilya Tsvankin was invited by Saudi Aramco to visit its offices in Dhahran from September 7-10. Ilya and his long-time collaborator Vladimir Grechka of Marathon taught an extended version of their SEG Continuing Education Course "Seismic anisotropy: Basic theory and applications in exploration and reservoir characterization" to Aramco geoscientists. The course, offered in the new high-tech building of the Saudi Aramco Upstream Professional Development Center, was oversubscribed and generated many lively discussions. Ilya also gave a well-attended presentation on anisotropic tomography of reflection and VSP data and met with two research groups working on anisotropy-related projects. Ilya and Vladimir were hosted by CWP alumnus Abdulfattah Al-Dajani, whose duties at Saudi Aramco include development and organization of professional training courses.


September 11 visit - Martin Landrø, Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU)

Martin Landrø

Prof. Martin Landrø,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology


L-R: CWP student Esteban Díaz Pantin, CWP Director Prof. Paul Sava and Prof. Landrø exchange thoughts on gas production in the Mediterranean Sea


L-R: Profs. Landrø and Sava discuss a seismic project with student Ezgi Karasozen



Paul Sava serves as guest editor of The Leading Edge magazine

Paul Sava CSM associate professor and CWP Director Paul Sava, Biondo Biondi (Stanford University) and Dave Nichols (Schlumberger), have recently completed an assignment as guest editors of a special issue in The Leading Edge. The September 2014 issue of TLE (Vol. 33, No. 9), dedicated to the topic of Seismic Migration, features articles exploring some of the trends and methods that build on and expand existing imaging technology. In particular, this special issue highlights how modern imaging methods are shifting toward the solution of inverse problems for both the velocity-estimation phase, as well as the migration step.



Farhad Bazargani successfully defends his PhD thesis

On August 29, 2014, Farhad Bazargani successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Optimal wave focusing for seismic source imaging." Farhad completed his research under the guidance of his CWP advisor Prof. Roel Snieder. Following his gradutaion from Mines, Farhad will take a few weeks of well-deserved rest before he begins his new job with Shell International Exploration and Production in Houston, Texas. Well done, Farhad!


Farhad Bazargani

Bazargani, PhD

Farhad defense

Farhad begins his thesis defense

farhad ps function

Farhad highlights the role of point source functions

Farhad response

Farhad addresses a question from his Thesis Committee



Third edition of Snieder and van Wijk's book to release in late 2014

Roel SniederIn late 2014, Cambridge University Press will issue the third edition of A Guided Tour of Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences. The book is co-authored by CWP faculty Roel Snieder and CWP alumnus Kasper van Wijk, currently a faculty member in the Physics Department at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The text of this book has been updated and all figures have been redrawn. The text is enriched with more examples involving real data, and new chapters have been added on Statistics and Inverse Problems.



Snieder begins his research as von Humboldt Foundation research awardee

Roel Snieder CWP faculty Roel Snieder received the prestigious 2014 Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Prof. Snieder, the W. M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science at the Colorado School of Mines, was selected as a direct result of his internationally-recognized qualifications and corresponding successes in geophysics research. The von Humboldt Research Award is awarded to academics whose "fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have a significant impact on their own discipline and beyond and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge academic achievements in future." Prof. Snieder has begun his work on a research project with former CWP visiting scholar Ernst Niederleithinger in Berlin, at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, as well as with Christoph Sens-Schönfelder at the German Research Centre for Geosciences. Congratulations, Roel!


Paul Sava is new CWP Director

Paul Sava CWP is pleased to announce that Paul Sava will serve as the new CWP Director as of August 1, 2014. He succeeds Prof. Dave Hale, who served as CWP Director since 2011.

Prof. Sava is an Associate Professor of Geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines. He holds an Engineering degree in geophysics (1995) from the University of Bucharest, and a MS (1998) and a PhD (2004) in geophysics from Stanford University, where he was a member of the Stanford Exploration Project. His main research interests are in wavefield seismic imaging, stochastic imaging and inversion, computational methods for wave propagation, numeric optimization and high performance computing. He is a recipient of a Stanford Graduate Fellowship (1997-2000) from Stanford University and of a Jackson Young Scientist Fellowship (2006-2007) from the University of Texas (Austin). He is also a recipient of three Awards of Merit for best student presentations at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) conventions (1999, 2001 and 2004) and of a Honorable Mention in the Best Paper in GEOPHYSICS category (2003) for "Angle-domain common-image gathers by wavefield continuation methods," co-authored by Sergey Fomel. The SEG recognized him in 2007 with the Reginald Fessenden Award for his work on wave-equation angle-domain imaging. He is a member of SEG, EAGE, and AGU, and is currently serving his second term as Education Officer on the EAGE Board.


Ilya Tsvankin teaches seismic anisotropy to CNOOC geophysicists

On July 18, CWP professor Ilya Tsvankin taught a training course focused on seismic anisotropy and its applications in the hydrocarbon industry to a group of geophysicists from Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC). The 30-member CNOOC delegation was visiting the Colorado School of Mines for a two-week training in seismic data processing organized by Dr. Fred Wang from the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to Prof. Tsvankin, instructors included Drs. Walt and Heloise Lynn and Profs. Sergey Fomel and Manika Prasad.



Prof. Ilya Tsvankin


Prof. Tsvankin discusses Hooke's Law


Prof. Tsvankin and the CNOOC delegation


Save the date! 2014 CWP Semi-Annual Meeting on October 28, 2014

Please save the date of the 2014 CWP Semi-Annual Meeting, which will be held during the 2014 SEG Annual Meeting in Denver.

CWP will post more meeting information in the fall on this website, so stay tuned and see you at our meeting in October!


Ilya Tsvankin serving on 16IWSA Technical Committee

16IWSAIlya Tsvankin CWP professor Ilya Tsvankin is lending his expertise to the 16th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy (16IWSA) as a member of the Technical Committee. Ilya will also give a keynote lecture at the workshop. The 16IWSA will be held in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, on November 16-21, 2014. The workshop, organized by a group of Brazilian geophysicists from both industry and academia, marks its inaugural occurrence in South America. The focus of the workshop is on methods for seismic data processing in anisotropic structures with applications to oil and gas exploration, reservoir monitoring, and earthquake seismology. The abstract submission deadline is July 30, 2014; visit the 16IWSA website for more information.


Now available for Consortium Sponsors: 2014 CWP Project Review Meeting presentation recordings

Video recordings of CWP Project Review Meeting presentations are now available for viewing at the 2014 Project Review meeting webpage. Sponsors may use their preassigned login credentials to access the videos, as well as CWP research reports and other documents. Please contact Shingo Sean Ishida if you require any assistance with your Sponsor username and/or password.


Thank you for joining us: 2014 CWP Project Review Meeting, May 12-15

The Center for Wave Phenomena thanks all representatives from our Consortium sponsor companies who attended the 2014 Project Review Meeting of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures. CWP welcomed representatives from all over the globe who generously support our geophysics research. Please contact Shingo Sean Ishida if you need any resources or materials distributed during the meeting.



Ilya Oscar Mamoru

L-R: Prof. Ilya Tsvankin, Oscar Jarilo Michel, CWP alumnus Mamoru Takanashi (JOGMEC)

Nishant Clement Toto

L-R: Nishant Kamath, CWP alumnus Clément Fleury (Total), Esteban Díaz Pantin

Christof Group

L-R: Chinaemerem Kanu, Simon Luo, Christof Stork (ION Geophysical), Natalya Patrikeeva, Jieyi Zhou (CSM, RCP)

Ehsan Douma Jason Paul

L-R: 2013-14 CWP visiting scholar Ehsan Naeini (Ikon Science), Johannes Douma, Jason Gumble (Cimarex Energy), Prof. Paul Sava


Roel Tijmen Jan

L-R: Prof. Roel Snieder poses with 2014 CWP Tutorial presenter Tijmen Jan Moser (Moser Geophysical Services)

Sven Norm Zvi

L-R: Sven Treitel (TriDeKon), Mines University Emeritus Prof. Norm Bleistein, Zvi Koren (Paradigm)

Norm CWP 30th

Norm Bleistein (left) shares a retrospective of CWP and its highlights since its inception 30 years ago


L-R: CWP Research Associate John Stockwell, Jim Gaiser (CGG), CWP alumnus John Anderson (ExxonMobil)


Paul Moser Patrice Stefan

L-R: Prof. Sava, T.J. Moser, Patrice Guillaume and Stefan Kaculini (CGG)

Huub Nat Petr

L-R: CWP alumnus Huub Douma, Natalya Patrikeeva, Petr Jilek (BP)

John Elias

John Anderson poses with CWP student and 2014 ExxonMobil intern Elias Arias (right)

Bharath poster

Simon Luo (right) addresses a query about his presentation on least-squares migration


Elias presentation

CWP student Elias Arias presents on estimating seismic reflection slopes

Xinming Jon

CWP student Xinming Wu (right) fields a question from Jon Sheiman (Shell/Looking Glass Geophysics)


CWP student Tong Bai discusses his research on attenuation tomography in 2D TI media


CWP student Yogesh Arora presents on diffraction processing for VTI media



CWP student Farhad Bazargani discusses optimal focusing in elastic media

Bob Woodward Roel

Prof. Snieder introduces guest presenter Robert Woodward (Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology)

Paul Ivan Dave

L-R: Paul Fowler (WesternGeco/ Schlumberger) and CWP alumnus Ivan Vasconcelos discuss imaging with CWP Director Prof. Dave Hale


Prof. Tsvankin discusses wide-azimuth processing for reservoir characterization and the relevance of HTI


Ali presents

CWP student Ali Knaak presents on optimized 3D synthetic aperture CSEM

Dave presents

Prof. Hale discusses the implementation of the Matérn model covariance with smoothing filters

Ehsan presents

Ehsan Naeini presents on image- and horizon-guided interpolation

Roel presents

Prof. Roel Snieder presents his research on autofocusing



Satyan Singh discusses his research on imaging with primaries, internal multiples and free-surface multiples

Tariq presents

2013-14 CWP visiting scholar Tariq Alkhalifah (KAUST) presents on conditioning FWI to welcome anisotropy

Paul Sava presents

Prof. Sava presents on the relationship between wavefield imaging and tomography

Yuting presents

Yuting Duan discusses her research on RTM with converted-waves


Johannes Douma receives 2014 CSM Mendenhall Prize

Johannes Douma CWP student Johannes Douma received the 2014 Colorado School of Mines Mendenhall Prize for Outstanding Graduating PhD and MS Students. The Mendenhall Prize is awarded to graduate students in Geophysics or Geophysical Engineering who demonstrate outstanding academic performance during his/her graduate program, show the ability to conduct cutting-edge research, demonstrate high standards of integrity and professional conduct thought his/her studies at CSM and possess a record of service to the Department of Geophysics beyond his/her academic responsibilities.

Johannes completed his Master's research at CWP under the guidance of Prof. Roel Snieder and graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 2014. He will begin working at Cimarex Energy in Tulsa, Oklahoma starting in June 2014. Congratulations, Johannes!


Detchai Ittharat successfully defends his MS thesis

On May 1, 2014, Detchai "Pock" Ittharat successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Pock's thesis is titled "3D Radio Reflection Imaging of Asteroid Interiors." and he completed his research with the guidance of Prof. Paul Sava, his CWP advisor. Following graduation from Mines, Pock will begin his internship in Houston, Texas, before heading back to his native Thailand. Congratulations, Pock!


Detchai Ittharat

Detchai Ittharat, MS

Pock defense

Detchai begins his thesis defense

pock attenuation

Pock discusses sample data with attenuation

Pock Paul

Prof. Paul Sava (left) poses with Pock after his defense


April 14 visit - Guillaume Caumon, Université de Lorraine

Guillaume Caumon

Prof. Guillaume Caumon,
Université de Lorraine


CWP Director Dave Hale introduces Prof. Guillaume to CWP faculty and students


Prof. Caumon begins his presentation


Johannes Douma successfully defends his MS thesis

On March 28, 2014, Johannes Douma successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Johannes' thesis is titled "Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies." He conducted his research under the guidance of his CWP advisor, Prof. Roel Snieder. Following graduation from Mines, Johannes will begin his employment at Cimarex Energy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Congratulations, Johannes!


Johannes Douma

Johannes Douma,


Johannes begins his thesis defense


Johannes explains the significance of back-propagating signals


Prof. Roel Snieder (right) congratulates Johannes on his successful defense


March 27 visit - Chris Liner, University of Arkansas

Chris Liner

Prof. Chris Liner
Dept. of Geophysics,
University of Arkansas


Prof. Liner confers with CWP Research Associate John Stockwell (left)

Sjoerd presentation

Dr. Liner starts his presentation about research on the Mississippian Outcrop


March 17 visit - Thomas Planès, IS Terre

Thomas Planes

Thomas Planès, PhD
IS Terre


Prof. Dave Hale (left) and Prof. Roel Snieder (right) introduce Dr. Planès

Sjoerd presentation

Dr. Planès illustrates the roles of the source and the receiver in classical imaging

March 6-7 visit - Sjoerd de Ridder, Stanford University

Sjoerd de Ridder

Sjoerd de Ridder, PhD
Stanford University


L-R: Ali Knaak, Prof. Roel Snieder and Dr. de Ridder

Sjoerd presentation

Dr. de Ridder begins his discussion of surface-wave interferometry for reservoir-scale imaging

Loralee Wheeler is a four-time recipient of SEG scholarships

Loralee Wheeler CWP student Loralee Wheeler has received multiple SEG scholarships throughout her time at Colorado School of Mines. SEG assisted Loralee in pursuing her educational goals, when as an incoming freshman, she received the J.E. White Scholarship for her aspiration to study volcanism upon graduation. After a couple of years, Loralee turned her sights toward seismic exploration and was awarded the Anadarko Scholarship and later the Henry Bates Peacock Scholarship, both also offered through SEG. With the help of SEG and the scholarship donors, she has been able to achieve two of her academic goals so far: Loralee received her bachelor of science degree in geophysics in May 2013, and she was admitted into the Master of Science graduate program at CWP in August 2013.


Andrew Muñoz successfully defends his MS thesis

On February 28, 2014, Andrew Muñoz successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Andrew's thesis is titled "Automatic simultaneous multiple-well ties" whose research he conducted under the guidance of Prof. Dave Hale, his CWP advisor. Congratulations, Andrew!



Andrew Muñoz,


Andrew begins his Master's thesis defense


Andrew explains the role of interpolated tied velocies


Andrew responds to a questions about subsurface measurements


Johannes Douma joins SEG Committee on University and Student Programs

Johannes Douma CWP student Johannes Douma was selected by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists to join the SEG Committee on University and Student Programs (CUSP). CUSP's mission is to support students, universities, and industry in developing a global pool of graduate students who are ready to meet society's applied geophysics needs. The Committee consists of an equal representation of students, faculty members, and industry representatives. CUSP also helps to oversee the annual SEG Challenge Bowl competition.

Johannes' selection will allow him to make valuable connections with industry representatives and work closely with them on various projects relating to exploration geophysics. Johannes is a member of the CWP Seismic Team (Steam) and works under the guidance of Prof. Roel Snieder. Congratulations, Johannes!


Esteban Díaz Pantin successfully defends his MS thesis

On January 31, 2014, Esteban Díaz Pantin successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Esteban's thesis is titled "Kinematic and focusing properties of the so-called RTM artifacts." He conducted his research under his CWP advisor Prof. Paul Sava. This thesis defense also constituted Esteban's first comprehensive examination towards his PhD in geophysics. Congratulations, Toto!



Esteban Díaz,


Esteban begins his thesis defense


Esteban highlights the role of final gathers


Esteban responds to a query from his thesis committee


Consortium sponsors: Opt-in by April 16 for paper copy of 2014 Project Review book

If you are a Consortium sponsor representative and you wish to receive a paper copy of the 2014 Project Review book, please contact Shingo Sean Ishida by Wednesday, April 16, 2014. As in previous years, electronic copies of the Project Review book, individual research reports, and other CWP documents will be provided to all sponsor representatives on USB drives, as well as on a password-protected webpage.


Bazargani and Snieder's paper ranks in top 30 at 2013 SEG Annual Meeting

The paper by CWP student Farhad Bazargani and Prof. Roel Snieder, titled "Optimal wave focusing for imaging and microseismic event location," was ranked in the top 30 papers presented during the 2013 SEG Annual Meeting in Houston. Farhad and Snieder's research was selected out of thousands of submissions to the SEG. Click here to read SEG President Don Steeple's January 16, 2014 letter to Farhad, who presented the paper as a technical presentation. Congratulations and very well done!

Stefan Compton successfully defends his MS thesis

On January 10, 2014, Stefan Compton successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Stefan's thesis is titled "Automatic multicomponent image registration" and he conducted his research under Prof. Dave Hale, his CWP advisor. Following his graduation, Stefan will begin his employment at Transform Software and Services/DrillingInfo in Littleton, Colorado. Congratulations, Stefan!



Stefan Compton,


Stefan begins his thesis defense


Stefan discusses interval Vp/Vs ratios


Stefan responds to Andreas Rüger of Halliburton/Landmark


Jan. 8-9 visit - CGG representatives


Back row (L-R): Radu Mihail (CGG), Eric de Graaff (CGG), Thierry Brizard (CGG), Prof. Terry Young (CSM Dept. of Geophysics), Prof. Mike Mooney (CSM Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Front row (L-R): Prof. Roel Snieder (CWP), Robert Dowle (CGG)


2014 CWP Project Review Meeting on May 12-15, 2014 in Colorado Springs, CO

The 2014 annual meeting of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures will take place on May 12-15, 2013 at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Additional details forthcoming on this website - stay tuned!



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