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CWP welcomes five new students in Summer 2015

This summer, five new graduate students will join the Center for Wave Phenomena:


Lucas Andrade

Lucas Andrade

Xueyi Jia

Xueyi Jia

Qifan LIu

Qifan Liu


Ivan Ning

Ivan Lim Chen Ning

Aaron Prunty

Aaron Prunty




April 27 visit - Umair bin Waheed, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology


Umair bin Waheed

Umair bin Waheed, KAUST


L-R: Umair and Ken Larner, CSM Professor Emeritus

Loralee begins defense

Umair begins his presentation


Umair discusses inversion in anisotropic media



Loralee Wheeler successfully defends her MS thesis

On April 8, 2015, Loralee Wheeler successfully defended her Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Loralee's thesis is titled "Automatic and simultaneous correlation of multiple well logs." She conducted her research under Prof. Dave Hale, her CWP advisor. Following her departure from Mines, Loralee has begun working at Chevron Energy Technology Company in Houston, Texas. Well done, Loralee!


Loralee Wheeler Dickson

Loralee Wheeler,


Loralee with Prof. Dave Hale, her CWP advisor

Loralee begins defense

Loralee begins her Master's thesis defense

Loralee query

Loralee responds to a question from her committee


Roel Snieder returns from his Art of Science tour to the Middle East

Roel Snieder recently completed a tour of the Middle East to present his popular "Art of Science" lecture. Prof. Snieder travelled to six venues across Iran, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates during his February lecture tour for the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE). His presentations were very well received (see tour photos below). The lecture series was organized by EAGE Local Chapter Iran, as well as the Iranian Geophysical Society. Snieder's lecture - given as interactive conversations with participants - are aimed at junior researchers and their mentors in all fields of science and engineering so they may acquire the necessary skills to focus on building understanding, capability and confidence in communication, planning, time management, problem solving, leadership and assertiveness. Snieder also placed an emphasis on the skills required of researchers for successful self-management and development during their respective courses of study.



Roel Snieder

Prof. Roel Snieder
in Iran

Oscar begins

Snieder begins his Art of Science presentation

Oscar begins

Snieder elaborates on leadership with students

Oscar query

Lecture participants and Snieder (center)



March 2 -6 visit - Nori Nakata, Stanford University


Chen Tang

Nori Nakata, PhD
George Thompson Fellow
Stanford University


Dr. Nakata and CWP student Esteban
Díaz Pantin discuss ambient-noise body-wave tomography


Oscar Jarillo Michel successfully defends his MS thesis

On February 6, 2015, Oscar Jarillo Michel successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. Oscar's thesis is titled "Estimation of microseismic source parameters by anisotropic waveform inversion." He conducted his research under the guidance of Prof. Ilya Tsvankin. This thesis defense also constituted Oscar's first comprehensive examination of his PhD in geophysics; for which he will continue working with Prof. Tsvankin. Congratulations and well done, Oscar!


Oscar Jarillo Michel

Oscar Jarillo Michel,

Oscar begins

Oscar begins his Master's thesis defense

Oscar query

Oscar addresses a committee question


Filippo Broggini honored at 2014 Gustavo Sclocchi Awards

Filippo Broggini On December 11, 2014, CWP alumnus Filippo Broggini, PhD, was honored at the 2014 Gustavo Sclocchi Awards ceremony for his thesis titled "Wavefield autofocusing and applications to multidimensional deconvolution and imaging with internal multiples." The Gustavo Sclocchi Awards, a joint initiative of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Italian Section, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) and Assomineraria (Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association), recognize the best theses in geosciences and petroleum engineering by graduates from Italian universities and/or Italian nationals graduating from universities around the world. Winning theses must be related to hydrocarbons, geothermal exploration, or production activities. As one of six 2014 winners, Dr. Broggini delivered a short presentation on his thesis during the award ceremony, received a prize of 2400 Euros, as well as a free, one-year EAGE/SEP membership. Congratulations, Filippo!


Opt-in to reserve by April 1: Paper copies of 2015 CWP Project Review Book

For Consortium Sponsor representatives only. If you wish to reserve paper copies of the 2015 Project Review book, please respond to Shingo with your requested quantity by Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Your reserved copies will be provided at the CWP Project Review Meeting on May 11-14, 2015. As in previous years, CWP will provide electronic copies of the Project Review book, individual research reports, and other CWP documents on a password-protected webpage, as well as on USB drives distributed during the meeting. Please contact Shingo if you have any questions and thank you for your support of the Consortium.


Duan and Sava's presentation ranked in Top 30 at the 2014 SEG Annual Meeting

Yuting Duan Paul Sava The technical presentation by CWP PhD student Yuting Duan (left) titled "Converted-waves imaging condition for elastic reverse-time migration," was ranked in the top 30 papers presented during the 2014 SEG Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. The collaborative work between Duan and Paul Sava (right) was selected out of thousands of presentations at the SEG meeting. Congratulations and well done!




Satyan Singh collaborates with Delft University of Technology

Satyan Singh Kees Wapenaar Joost van Der NeutNishant KamathCWP student Satyan Singh (far left) will visit the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in The Netherlands, from January 14 to February 27 to collaborate on his research on 2D autofocus imaging in the presence of a free-surface. He will work closely with the TU Delft seismic imaging team, led by Dr. Kees Wapenaar (center left), as well as with Drs. Joost van Der Neut and Evert Slob (center right, right), in the Department of Geosciences and Engineering. Satyan will also continue his PhD research on Green's function retrieval using Marchenko-type equations and their applications. His previous collaboration with Prof. Wapenaar and Drs. van der Neut and Slob produced a submitted paper to GEOPHYSICS called "Autofocus imaging: Imaging of primaries, internal multiples and free-surface multiples."


January 8 presentation - Chen Tang, University of Texas at Dallas

Chen Tang

Chen Tang,
University of Texas at Dallas


Prof. Ilya Tsvankin and


Chen compares angle-limited images using migration velocity models


Consortium Sponsors, please save this date: 2015 Project Review Meeting

2015 PRM Save the dateConsortium Sponsors, please save the date of the 2015 CWP Project Review Meeting on May 11-13, 2015 in Golden, Colorado. More information will be available soon on this website. Please contact Pamela Kraus, CWP Program Assistant, if you have any questions regarding this meeting. Thank you for your support of our Consortium and we look forward to seeing you next spring!





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